Naturally Slim

My Wife and I are going through the Naturally Slim Program right now (Week 8 of 10)

Naturally Slim is a very effective way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, loosing weight through maintaining a healthy lifestyle and learning some skills that will help you not only during the program, but for the rest of your life if you make the skills a part of your lifestyle.

The education you receive is very helpful. Learning what 5 pounds of extra fat you are carrying around looks like is eyeopening ti say the least.

From the Naturally Slim Website:

There are no foods to buy, no points to count, no guidelines on what you can and can’t eat. Sound too good to be true? The secret to Naturally Slim simply involves learning some new techniques about how and when you should eat. That’s it.

The Naturally Slim program is a simple online program that uses informative videos and learning tools to teach you how to lose weight and improve your health. It is available via your desktop, laptop or mobile device including apps for both iPhone and Android devices.

My wife works for a company that realizes healthy employees are better employees. They also learned that unhealthy lifestyles cost companies a lot of money for healthcare. 

Normal BMI (BMI10) Healthcare costs: $2368/year.

Overweight BMI Healthcare costs = $3000/year

Obese Body Healthcare Costs = $4880/year.

They can see offering a program that teach their employees and their dependents can save significant money for Healthcare costs, and heighten the employee’s productivity.

Excess body fat, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar levels and abnormal cholesterol levels increase the risk of chronic diseases that cost you and your employees both financially and in lost productivity.

Naturally Slim is a world-class clinical behavioral weight loss program that will help change all that.

If you have struggled with other weight loss programs before with little to no longtime benefits, Naturally Slim may be for you! I recommend it...