Light Pollution

Most of us have been robbed of the night!

The Rambling Observer has been a substitute teacher now for over 14 years. I frequently ask students if they have ever seen the Milky Way =. Most students I have report that they have never seen our Galaxy, and some do not even know what the name means (“Milky What?”).

The fact is, 99% of Americans cannot experience a natural night. They live under an artificial dome of unnatural light. Worldwide, 80% of the Worlds Population live under light pollution.

When I was a youth in the ’60’s I lived near Dallas Texas in a town called Balch Springs, near Mesquite. The Milky Way was clearly visible in my back yard and the sky was dark! Today, roughly 51 years later,  I live 6.7 miles from there and the sky doesn’t come remotely close to it’s former glory.

Light Pollution was responsible.

Las Vegas is the classic example of excessive lighting.