The Woodscribe Workshop

The Woodscribe Workshop takes pride in the fact that each piece of work is completely hand crafted. Each one is a labor of Love, and each piece, as hand crafted, are all unique in their own way.

There are no manufacturing procedures, no automatic computer generated copies of my work. No CNC Lathes, no laser cutting or letter producing equipment.

Patterns are often produced by such artists as Steve Good, Shiela Landry, Sue May and many others. Others may be my personal designs.

Marvin Huddleston as The Woodscribe specializes in Biblical Scripture Art and Christian pieces.

The whole idea for the name Woodscribe came from the scribes of old charged with making exact duplicates of the Inspired Word Of God. Any mistake, even the smallest possible, was never allowed. They had to burn and & restart the painstaking task ot remaking a copy.

Joshua 1:9 Scroll Saw Piece