Aladdin, Where Did You Hide that Lamp?
June 27, 2019

If I were to find Aladdins lamp and were granted 3 wishes, the first of them would probably be to go back in time to a younger me and master Woodcarving. Oh to be young again knowing what I know today!

A more realistic dream would probably simply to be to go back to an earlier version of me and really stick with Woodcarving until I mastered it when I actually first became interested in it. My first woodcarving was the Folk Carved Nativity carved around 1986. Had I stayed with it from that time until now I’d be a Master Woodcarver!

The image to the right is a Nativity set I carved from the inspiration of Donna Hefty’s book A Folk Carved Nativity.

It was Donna’s book and inspiration that got me into woodworking in general!

Donna’s book was the first I ever carved, but there are others I want to do but have never gotten around to doing it. 

More recent inspiration comes from Master Woodcarver Chris Pye.

I do a lot of general woodworking, including scroll saw artistry, wood turning, Pyrography, etc. I am not sure I can put my finger on why, but there is just something about the experience of a sharp tool cutting into a beautiful piece of wood.

The feel, the smell, the sight of the wood grain and other characteristics of the wood freed from within by a skillfully handled sharp tool all work together to form what to me is a spiritual experience. 

Jesus Christ himself was a woodworker, and I am sure woodcarving was one of his earthly experiences in the trade passed down to him from Joseph. And when you consider that experience in light of the inspiration of Scripture it makes me tremble to think that Joseph was probably in some way inspired by the Holy Spirit in what he taught our Lord.

When I begin branding my personal style of woodworking, I was trying to come up with a catchy yet meaningful name for my work. I settled on The Woodscribe, because I saw work that I was doing to remond me of the inspired scribes who carefully copied and transcribed the pages of scripture.