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Software Bisque - The SkyX Professional Edition

I was a previous owner of Software Bisque’s The Sky 6 version of this software, and loved it until I lost use of a computer back in the day. I failed to renew until seeing The SkyX Professional Edition during the Texas Star Party 2019. A package was being given away during the prize givaways on Saturday night, and I have to tell you I sat there whispering Please, Please!

Well, shock and Awe, I did not win that night.

Let me tell you these are a group of fine folks and I cannot praise them anymore than I am right now! I will not go into the details, but I now have this package and as a mater of fact will have it with me this weekend when I solo the Casita north toward the Astronomy Mecca that is the Texas Astronomical Society’s Atoka County Observing site.

My only problem with the software is that I doubt I will ever have the opportunity to fully use it’s potential! It not only offers Telescope Control features, but you can control your observatory with The SkyX Professional Edition. It can be expanded to offer control of the Camera, Dome, Database management, and offers TPoint Add Ons. Don’t ask me what that means because I don’t have a clue!

You can configure field of view indicators using extensive telescope, camera and eyepiece databases. You can preserve dark adaptation in the field using night vision mode. It offers a catalog of 100,000 galaxy photo’s to help visualize and plan your observing sessions. It has NGC, IC, and PGC deep-sky catalogs containing over 1.6 million new worlds to explore.

Useful observing tools include mosaics, photo overlays, lunar photo viewer, solar and lunar eclipse view, conjunction finder, object paths, Iridium flares, view satellites above the earth , 3D solar system viewer, 3D star viewer, download Digitized Sky Survey photo’s, create tours, movies, show the angular separation between objects, create, run, and debug JavaScripts, and so much more!

One of the things I would like to see a company like Software Bisque to add to their software would be an integrated copy of the Orthographic Lunar Atlas. As a lunar observer myself, any amateur interested in Selenology could use a tool as accurate as the OLA for positional work studying the lunar surface. The OLA today is beyond the reach of almost any serious Selenologer. The ebay in the neighborhood of $1,200. I own and use a copy, but mine was damaged in a flood once and was badly damaged.